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Anastasia Makeeva


I’m currently working on:

Two projects for Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Sport : increasing investment in the sports sector and enhancing Saudi Female Talent Pathways. Both topics are extremely exciting and engage numerous industries and expertise – so it is also a great learning experience.

Ask me anything about…

Events and live entertainment! I have always been fascinated by the drive, power, and inspiration that a live show generates. Before joining Portas, I worked in the show and event industry for 15 years, both as a performer and creator.

The thing I enjoy most about working in the sports sector is…:

People and Culture. There is something unique about the environment - people are down to earth, hard-working, honest, and value-driven. An environment that promotes courage and where a sense of humor is a must..

You would never guess…:

I am officially a pensioner! As are many young athletes from Russia after at least 15 years of a professional career in gymnastics or acrobatics.