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Improving the lives of PEOPLE IN ALL communities, cities and countries by helping national and local governments to maximise the positive impact of sport and physical activity



Sport has the power to improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of all. There is growing recognition of the significant health and social benefits from participation, the economic benefits of a vibrant sports sector, and the international impact of high-performance sports.






Portas has worked with public sector organisations and civil society at international, national, and local levels to help answer three fundamental questions at the heart of the “business of government”:

Prioritise: what should taxpayer money be spent on and why?

Strategise: what are the optimal strategies to maximise impact?

Deliver: what is required to deliver change and tangible outcomes for citizens?

We understand the specific challenges of delivering outcomes within a political context, often through complex administration systems. By combining this knowledge with our fact-based analytical approach, we help governments worldwide harness the power of sport for their people.



We help governments to develop sports and physical activity policies and frameworks, covering areas such as participation, governance, elite sport, economic impact, major events, health impact and social cohesion

Often building on the sports policy, we support the development of thematic strategies to bring the policy to life, design initiatives, create implementation plans, budgets, and identify the roles of major stakeholders who will lead delivery

There is growing evidence that sport can create many and varied societal benefits. Attempts to measure and value these impacts are often narrowly focused on local amenities or initiatives in specific locations. We place a wider value on the social impact of sport on society by designing unique frameworks for measuring and understanding the non-market economic, social and environmental value of an activity, intervention, policy, or organisation

Organisations often need to make decisions that are complex, commercial, multidisciplinary, and high-profile. Decision-makers must constitute and equip themselves to thrive in this shifting environment. We support these leaders in building their capabilities and establishing robust and thorough processes to ensure the successful delivery of the organisation’s strategic priorities

We support the development of physical education-related policy, professional learning across the sector, design and delivery of PE curriculums, school sports and physical activity in educational contexts and the broader community. We help promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education, school sport and physical activity, influencing developments at national and local levels

We help government agencies, healthcare organisations, non-profit organisations, and businesses to create and promote policies and programmes that improve community health outcomes. We design solutions for the most ambitious public health projects and bring the drive to inspire people to be active and harness the benefits of sport

Countries are emphasising developing sports on a far-reaching, multinational basis through Public Diplomacy programmes and strategies. We help governments create sports-focused Public Diplomacy strategies that strengthen bilateral relationships and enhance societal understanding

We support policymakers and stakeholders to deliver their strategy, actively monitor progress against targeted goals, develop organisational capacity and capability, and build meaningful partnerships to ensure success


Our practice leaders and topic experts have a unique perspective and a practical view that we bring to every client relationship

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    Asahi is a Partner and Head of Asia Pacific region and Co-Head the Public Sector practice globally

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    Patrick is a Partner based in Saudi Arabia and Co-Head of the Public Sector practice globally

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    Elena is a Project Manager based in London and leads our Health and Education work globally

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