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Application Process



During interviews, we’re looking for more than a CV. We want people with impact-focused mindsets. Your whole personality is important. We are interested in your unique experience, talents, and perspective that can add exceptional value to our teams.

We review every application submitted. Selected candidates are invited to attend several rounds of interviews, including case studies and questions about your professional background. Our objectives are to:

  • Get to know you
  • Learn how you think and respond to business issues relevant to our work
  • Understand your strengths and what skills you can bring to Portas
  • Gain insight into your motivation and interest in the sports sector, management consulting generally, and a career with Portas specifically
  • Provide you with an opportunity to learn about our firm

Ready to join Portas? Here are some tips and insights into your application journey

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01. CV screening

  • Be sure your CV is updated and no longer than two pages
  • Be sure to include your academics, meaningful work experience, as well as your interests outside of academics
  • We recommend providing a cover letter as it gives us an idea of what your motivations and fit are
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02. Verbal & numeracy tests (for Interns and BAs)

  • A 40-minute online assessment designed to measure numerical aptitude and ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from sets of data
  • Ways to prepare: there are numerous online resources, so we recommend spending some time practising
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03. Screening call

  • Be ready to speak about your background, motivation for applying, knowledge of trends in sports, your interests
  • Our advice: be yourself, prepare questions in advance as this is your chance to learn more about our people and culture first-hand
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04. Three case interviews

  • We will challenge you with a hypothetical business situation to test your approach to structuring, problem-solving, the creativity and analytical nature of your thinking, and your usage of the data presented
  • Usually, the case study part of the interview will last 30 – 40 minutes and are mainly candidate-led
  • The case interview stage is one of the most important and challenging in the interview process. Our advice – prepare well and practice!


If you’re ready to follow your passion, take a bold step toward Portas. Apply now