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Insight-Driven Football Management

We developed a guide for UEFA’s national associations to become insight-driven.

The challenge…

UEFA’s Grow Programme aims to encourage all national associations to make evidence-based decisions to deliver greater impact.

UEFA enlisted Portas to create a guide for national associations. This would demonstrate the value of insights and provide a roadmap on how to become more insight- and data-driven.

The approach…

We collaborated with 19 representatives from national associations and UEFA departments to create the insight guide. To test content, we held several working group sessions. This enabled us to ensure the guide was both relevant and useful for national associations.

To assess insight capabilities, we conducted and analysed a survey of over 10 national associations. We also interviewed representatives from national associations across Europe, including Insights Managers and General Secretaries.

The impact…

This project resulted in the development of a framework for national associations at varying stages of maturity. They could use it to either deliver their first insights project, or to enhance the use of insights throughout their organisations.

We also provided several tools and templates for national associations. This work enabled the increased use of insights and data in national football decision-making.



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