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Analysis of the Aquatic Sports Landscape in Singapore

We evaluated the landscape to provide the SSA with an evidence-based understanding of their ecosystem.

The challenge…

The Singapore Swimming Association aimed to improve the performance of the entire aquatic sports landscape in Singapore. However, a lack of clarity on the current landscape was limiting strategic planning and implementation.

The approach…

We aimed to provide the SSA with an accurate, holistic view of the aquatic landscape to enable strategic decision-making in the future.

This required significant research to identify knowledge gaps and international benchmarks. We also consulted external stakeholders through structured interviews and surveys to understand the varying challenges within the industry.

This required data analysis across 12 core areas, including participation, talent, competitive structure, coaching and facilities.

The impact…

Through this diagnostic analysis of the landscape, the SSA gained a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses within the ecosystem. They were also provided with up-to-date information such as the size of the market, barriers to progress, and potential opportunities.

The results of our work offered valuable insights to the SSA, enabling data-driven decision-making in the future.

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