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MoveToGame 2020

Supporting the concept development and strategic planning for the expansion of a novel Saudi IP that combines video gaming and physical activity

Context and objectives

Portas supported a private sector client in developing the strategy for the expansion of a new IP that uniquely combines video gaming with the gamification of physical activity. Our support included development of the expansion concept, assessment of expected impacts and commercial sustainability of potential offerings, commercial advice on pricing and packages and the design of a long term strategic plan.


  • Supported the development of the IP expansion concept by identifying key elements, unique offerings, target audience, scheduling and alignment with stakeholder objectives through client workshops
  • Conducted a detailed assessment of the expected impacts and potential for commercial sustainability for each offering
  • Supported the commercial business planning through creation of unique packages, with varied scale, offerings and pricing for presentation to funding partners


  • Successfully evaluated IP expansion offerings, creating an overall score and ranking for each offering to support prioritization, packaging and pricing
  • Established a long term strategy for the commercial sustainability of the product, including a roadmap to 1M+ participants by the end of 2021
  • Developed a proposal to engage public sector stakeholders for seed investment
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