Portas Consulting
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Invest in our people, giving access to tailored support, training and opportunities



  • All staff have a mentor - someone more senior in the firm to guide their career

  • A comprehensive performance review and personal development process provides structured career progression

  • We have an internal Women’s Network, supporting all female employees throughout the firm

  • Our staffing committee reviews all project options for consultants with career development in mind



  • We have a sports subsidy available for everything from gym memberships to sports’ team fees

  • Our global and office retreats give all staff a chance to relax and get to know one another.

  • Each office has a calendar of social activities outside of work to have fun and socialise

  • We strive to ensure that working hours are efficient and flexible, allowing all staff to practice their favourite sports and hobbies


Capability building

  • On the job coaching is a core performance criteria for all Project Managers and Partners

  • Portas Academy delivers in-depth onboarding, off-site role-specific training programs and regular virtual training modules

  • Ongoing knowledge shares are conducted in many areas of expertise