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Ministry of Youth and Sports Mauritius

Considering low levels of physical activity and high prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the Government of Mauritius recognised the need for greater focus on sports and physical activity. Only 23% of the Mauritian adult population meet the WHO recommendations of physical activity. This is a factor contributing to the dramatic increase in non-communicable diseases over the past 20 years. On average, 1 in 4 Mauritians die of Type II diabetes, a ratio higher than anywhere in the World.

We worked with the Ministry for Youth and Sport to create a new National Sport and Physical Activity Policy compromising of 20 actions under 3 major transformational themes.

In the first year of the Policy we were able to secure a 100% increase in public funding for mass participation initiatives. As well as define the national visions for community and elite sport, along with agreeing a national survey focused on physical activity to set a baseline and track progress.

Our Approach

We conduced comprehensive local analysis as well as a consultation process with key stakeholders including Ministries, Sports Federations and Corporates. We reviewed learnings and best practice from many other countries allowing us to conduct an holistic analysis of the local situation and international learnings.

We syndicated this analysis and learnings to provide recommendations for policy and legislative change at National level, including budget requirements, KPIs, targets and roadmap for implementation.

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