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Shaping the Future of Club Football

We developed a vision and strategy for a leading governing body in national football.

The challenge…

Portas was chosen by a national governing body to develop a new vision and strategy for club football. The client required a new and improved 10-year vision for the club network, with a strategy and roadmap to achieve it.

The approach…

We examined 5 years of participation data to understand demand for football across pathways, locations, and formats. We then integrated supply data with demand data to locate gaps in the club network.

Based on this data, we developed 10-year projections in participation across the various pathways to outline future requirements.

Next, we engaged over 50 stakeholders through interviews and workshops, and received over 1000 respondents to a survey we conducted on the current and future state of clubs.

The impact…

We defined the 10-year vision, with a framework covering 17 strategic priorities for the enhancement of the club network. This framework was based on our enhanced understanding of club circumstances.

We also defined change enablers and key activities to ensure the successful delivery of the new strategy. Within this action, we outlined short-, medium- and long-term implications for the client.  

Our data analysis and stakeholder engagement gave the client a clear, evidence-based view of the future of club football across the whole country.

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