About ACW

ACW is the first network providing policymakers in cities across the world with sufficient knowledge, insights and ideas to transform the physical activity profiles of their cities.

ACW is built on big data, driven by advanced analytics, and led by the very policymakers responsible for harnessing physical activity.

Led by the three Founding Cities of Auckland, London, and Singapore, and supported by international experts, ACW is a global network of like-minded cities to share and learn.


ACW is a data-driven study

The starting point is the collection of raw data. This data is then cleaned, organised, normalised and turned into a Master Database for each city. We conduct detailed statistical analysis of what drives physical activity to ascertain the relative importance and impact of different factors in determining a given individuals’ propensity to be active. We can then build this into a picture of different demographic segments: by age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status or geographical location. We then conduct in-depth modelling of the outcomes of physical activity building on a meta-analysis of existing academic literature and primary research to create a full picture of the holistic value generated by physical activity beyond activity itself – both monetary and non-monetary.


ACW is a global benchmarking tool

Every year, we conduct benchmarking across various metrics for all participating cities. The primary purpose is to help cities understand what is being done elsewhere – by generating best-in-class metrics, providing comparative models, uncovering trends and anomalies, and tracking progress across the ACW cohort. The benchmarking also enables analysis across global populations, meta-segments, and in time, big data analysis of individual behaviours. All participating cities have access to the benchmarking dataset through the ACW portal and dashboard, enabling them to immediately inform decisions in their city.


ACW is a network led by cities, for cities

ACW is a global network of likeminded, aspirational cities that believe in the power of sport and physical activity to transform their cities for the better. Through the annual conferences and informal connections, ACW cities can share best practices, support each other in collaboration, and together develop solutions that benefit everyone. It is a network led by the cities, for the cities.

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Findings are communicated to cities through 4 main components delivered annually to participating cities:

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  • City Report

    In-depth review of a city’s physical activity profile, drivers and the contribution of physical activity to the city, looking at economic, social and health benefits

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  • Annual report

    Comparative analysis across cities to generate global insights on drivers and outcomes of physical activity and identify patterns in what works for cities around the world

  • Analytical Dashboard

    Interactive, modulable and easy-to-use digital dashboard allowing policy-makers to estimate and compare the impact of different policy interventions tailored to each specific city context

  • ACW Conference

    Series of annual events such as conferences and working groups, organised by ACW or cities themselves, providing an opportunity for cities to come together to share findings and best practice


The ACW network is animated by a multidisciplinary team of data experts, public policy specialists and sport and physical activity consultants. Our offices are based in London.

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